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7 Pipe Glass Blunt Makes A Believer Out of Me

7 Pipe Glass Blunt Makes A Believer Out of Me

By The Binger.

I am a hard sell on gimmicks in the smoking world. When it comes to my methods, I prefer tradition over technology. I vape on occasion, but it is not the same thing. To me, a bong is a bong, a bowl a bowl, and a blunt rolled with tobacco leaf. That is until I was introduced to the 7 Pipe glass blunt.

I was at Primo Glass, looking for a replacement a bubbler I had broken earlier in the week. The staff was very helpful, but I couldn’t find anything similar to what I had lost. I found a Sherlock looking thing, picked up a few CBD treats, and made my way to the register while fighting the urge to buy way too many toys.

As I was checking out, this gold and glass tube caught my eye through the case. I know, but it is not like that, I hate flashy shit. I was intrigued though, and looked further. “What the hell is that?” I asked pointing into the case.

“Which one?” The clerk and I did the pointing back and forth thing for a few seconds.

“Oh! That one?” The clerk pointed to the USU (Unidentified Smoking Utensil).

“Yup, the shiny, corkscrew thingamajig,” I said while wagging my finger numbly.

He pulled it above the counter and began to demonstrate how easy it was to use the 7 Pipe Glass Blunt, and tell me in depth all of the advantages to the magnificent contraption. I grinned in semi-glossed amazement at the ridiculousness of our industry, wondering what we might develop next. “Wow,” is all I could mutter several times. It was brilliant. I needed it. And so I bought it.

The device consists of a heat resistant Pyrex tube and metallic, corkscrew insert. The package comes with two silicon caps, a brush to clean the chambers on the mouthpiece, 7Pipe and a cloth carrying case. The insert is a corkscrew with mouthpiece. The entire thing is made of brass with a titanium coating, and the design promises a 30 % cooler hit by making the smoke travel a greater distance. Retail price is $50 at Primo Glass.

I got it home and watched a video connected to their website on how to load it. It appeared pretty simple, so I ate a medicated cookie, took the new bubbler for a spin, and got busy breaking up some medicine. I used Northern Lights, which is kind of sticky, or mine is at least.

Next, I placed a silicon cap on one end of the Pyrex tube without the corkscrew inserted. I loaded the tube with medicine, packing it evenly, not too tightly. Once the tube was filled, I began threading the corkscrew into the tube/blunt using a counter clockwise turn and applying slight downward pressure. You just sort of have to ease it in there. Just tap, tap, tap it in…

Once the corkscrew was settled and I could see the O-Ring had seated, I pulled the silicon cap from the end. I looked at it for a few seconds and quickly lit it up.

The hit was smooth and fast. It was pure medicine, not any of the taste of tobacco leaf. It had all of the rush of a well rolled blunt, the taste of my favorite bud, and was easy to make. I puffed it for a few minutes and watched the clouds of smoke roll around me. Such a beautiful device…


When it comes to getting rid of the ash from the 7 Pipe, just twist the base clockwise and fresh bud moves to the top, keeping your hits smooth. I felt like I needed to take a break or two during my session, but that is cool, it works great with that as well.

Cleaning the 7 Pipe was a breeze. I like to use Isopropyl Alcohol and salt in a zip lock bag to clean my utensils and smoking implements. I put the device in the solution (keep the tube and corkscrew separate window lickers, you don’t want to break them!) and gently agitate. Rinse under clean water and dry. I haven’t needed the brush yet.

So, for overall rating, this product is easily a top one in my arsenal. I would say this is the best glass blunt on the market today, but who knows, there is always something new around every corner in this industry.




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