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Ez Does-It

 EZ Does-it

By smokey Joe.


Being an on-the-go kind of smoker, I’m always looking for a more convenient way to toke when I’m out. Rolling a joint can work, but they tend to stink. If you keep your roaches, it can be worse. I do like glass for many reasons, but they can break too easy. I also tend to do a lot of outdoor activities so I like something that is as durable as it is convenient. One thing I don’t like dealing with, is having to carry multiple items just to smoke some herb. One of my preferred devices is the new EZPipe from, an inclusive piece with some nifty features.

The EZPipe sell for $ 9.99 on their website and come in a variety of colors. The pipe features a removable bowl head which is deceptively deep. I would estimate the bowl holds close to a gram of ground up herb. The bowl is made of billet aluminum, the body from plastic. The design takes an all-in-one approach, with a holder for a standard Bic lighter and a mouthpiece that folds out. Although I was weary of a plastic pipe at first, the business end works just fine. A nice added feature is the poking tool that is built into the base.


To use the pipe, you simply light your lighter and inhale through the mouth piece.  The lid has a small hole on the side of the bowl where the flame is drawn in through.


This feature is what gives The EZPipe her “Smokeless” characteristics. By closing the lid, you starve the pipe of oxygen and it will not burn out even after you put it away. This makes it perfect for ripping once or twice, and putting it back in your pocket.

The included tool is perfect for keeping the airway open between the bowl head and the body of the pipe. I am a heavy smoker, and put the EZPipe through a “Trial by Fire” before I had to give her the first real cleaning. Cleaning was not as time consuming as trying to the harder parts  of a glass piece, but not as easy as the 7Pipe.

To clean, simply remove the bowl head

Remove the clip and magnet


Use a paper clip or pipe cleaner to clean out mouth piece and airway under bowl.


After you have removed as much waste as possible, you can let the pieces soak in rubbing alcohol and then repeat the steps above.

If you are interested in ordering your own ezpipe, check out their site today!

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