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Personal vape pen with a kick-

By Smokey Joe.

The R2 Series Vaporizer is a wax pen designed for today’s market. Just like their name says, #ThisThingRips.


The R2 is affordably priced, retailing for $49.99 while still offering big hits. It comes with a visual reaction chamber so you know when to put this Bad-Larry down.  As a bonus, each kit includes an extra atomizer, a stainless-steel tool, a silicon storage jar, and two cleaning wipes.

I recently bought my R2 as a way to rip dabs without using a blowtorch. Not that I don’t like torching stuff, but sometimes, I’m just trying to smoke. The shopkeeper talked me through several selections ranging from low budget vape pens to some high-end personal vaporizers. I was impressed with some of the more expensive ones that offer a lot of customizable features. I ultimately landed in the middle with the R2.  I am just not a big enough dabber to justify the cost .

To load the R2, you simply remove the visual chamber and load your wax into the atomizer, being careful not to damage the coil. The included tool works well for adding to the chamber.

After you have added your material, replace the visual chamber and turn on the battery by pushing the button 5 times. The button will flash several times and the device will be turned on. Now, all you must do is hold down the button and take a drag from the mouthpiece. The coil takes a split second to reach temperature and then it’s filling up with smoky gold.



I have been skeptical, to say the least, when it comes to all these new contraptions and dabbing in general. Of the devices I have tried, the hits are usually subpar.  I was surprised when the R2 lived up to their motto, #ThisThingRips. I was also happy to find that I would get several good pulls off of a conservative amount of concentrate. I felt as if I could make the wax go much further in my pen than my rig.


They have solved the problem of debris in the mouth piece with a nice cover as well.

When the pen is fully enclosed it is sleek and mysterious. Nothing about its outward appearance screams “Paraphernalia”!

All in all, considering the amount of personal vaporizer pens in your average smoke shop, the R2 is a reliable pen. Although $49.99 is not cheap, neither is the R2. If you are looking for an affordable dab pen that packs-a-punch, the R2 is the rig for you. You can order your own HERE.


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