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Summit Medical Marijuana Community Clean up

Summit Medical Marijuana Community Clean up
By Smokey Joe

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to travel to Gardiner, Maine and take part in a community clean-up. I drove up with my friends from RollingMed to 189 Water St. in Gardiner, home of Summit Medical Marijuana. The idea was simple: Fill up a trash bag, get free marijuana. Their Facebook post said they would be handing out two trash bags to each person and when they return full of waste, they would get some free marijuana.

The event was posted on Facebook and was shared hundreds of times, resulting in Summit making a statement that they could only provide free marijuana to the first 120 people. However, they did go on to say other caregivers may possibly donate as well.

When we arrived in Gardiner on Saturday morning I was expecting to see droves of people with trash bags and a steady cloud of smoke. Luckily for the residents of Gardener, the participants in Saturdays event were more interested in taking care of business. I was surprised to only see a couple people on the street with bags, although there were a few full bags outside the front door, meaning the show was already underway.

I met with one of the owners and introduced myself briefly. She told me the best place to go was “down by the river”. My first instinct was the classic Farley line, but I just thanked her and RollingMed and myself headed on down the road.

We made our way to the river with the intention of back tracking and cleaning up. It didn’t take long to see that either, A) it was already done, or B) Gardiner was already clean. We made our way to the shore and then, through a trail.

I did manage to get a lot of glass out of the woods which is good for anyone walking dogs back there. I’m not sure why there was half of a baking dish in the woods, maybe someone was making some shatter in the woods, who knows. I followed the trail for quite a distance before I found a nice place to relax and try out one of the new HighGround papers.

A joint on the river was just what I needed. After that I made my way through some weird garden of the trail and towards the end of the line. I filled up as much trash as I could on my way back to town, competing with RollingMed for territory in our quest for garbage.

I hoped for some better luck under the train tracks where we found more broken glass bottles needing attention.

I caught up to RollingMed next, and headed back into town. We came across a parking lot with some benches, and benches=cigarette butts. But still, Gardiner was a pretty clean town.

While I was cleaning up in a parking lot I came across some Catnip in their garden. I bet the stray cats have all kinds of fun in Gardiner!

By this point the sun was getting higher than me and that means it’s time to go.

We all continued making our way back to the shop to turn in the trash and call it a day. The place was looking good. When we arrived back at Summit Medical, I met with the owner and helped take the last bags left to the dumpster behind the building.

And with that, we were done.

We returned to the shop to chat with the owner and check out the shop. The store was not limited to medical cardholders and had something for everyone.  I was impressed with the framed pictures in the owners’ office which showcased their in-house strains.

Summit Medical produces their own genetics and offers “Elite Cannabis”. I haven’t had the chance to confirm that statement, but the gift for cleaning up looks quality to me, and we will see soon enough.

We were surprised with the generous gifts, receiving 3 donations of marijuana, 3 small pipes, a couple fidget spinners, (because, you know, its 2017) a couple grinders, some papers and business cards.

Unfortunately, upon inspection, one of the gifts had a heavy case of mold.

This is something that should not be consumed by anyone, even for free. Bud rot is common on outdoor plants here in Maine with morning dew being trapped in dense buds. It is also something caregivers and patients alike need to pay attention to. If you are a patient, you need to know what’s be given to you. Smoking moldy bud equals breathing in mold spores, no thanks. If you want to learn more about bud rot, and how to prevent it, check this out.

I immediately reached out to Summit Medical to let him know about the cannabis and he assured me he would pull the bags and prevent anymore from being given away. The moldy marijuana came from the unlabeled marijuana in the clear plastic package. All of this is another reason why going through a licensed caregiver, like Summit Medical is important. The gift from Summit was in a sealed package and we knew who it came from, unlike the mystery moldy weed.

Aside from that the event was great. The post from Summit at the end of the day showed an overflowing dumpster and it was clear the event was far from over when we left.
We hope to see more events like this in more city’s around Maine and think the folks at Summit Medical Marijuana are taking an active stance in bettering their community. We look forward to working with them again, maybe in your town!

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