2018 HomeGrown Maine Medical Marijuana Trade Show

2018 HomeGrown Maine Medical Marijuana Trade Show

By Andrew S.

For the last 7 years the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine have been hosting an annual trade show. Folks came from all over New England and gathered at the Augusta Civic Center, Jun 2nd and 3rd for a fun packed weekend of cannabis. Vendors from every corner of the cannabis industry were on hand displaying the newest and most efficient equipment in the field.  Although the real hot-topic this year was definitely the closure of the Vape Tent.

This year the vaping area was shut down only days before the big event was set to begin. The vape tent was also my favorite part of last year’s event, thanks again, East Coast Gold.

But I always have a back-up plan.

I figured I would keep a spliff handy and just see what happens, so I spun up some Chernobyl with one of our HighGround King Wide #puffinpublic papers. I also had a pocket full of #PuffinPublic stickers to hand out. 

I made my rounds and talked to several caregivers. I saw a lot of familiar faces, including the folks from Door14 out of Standish. Door14 always has great cannabis and edibles on display. I’m still smoking on some Green Crack and Dairy Queen I picked up at Germination a couple weeks back.

Summit Medical Group had a booth as well. Summit Medical hosted the Marijuana Community Clean Up

in July of 2017, where we had a great helping clean up the riverbeds of Gardiner.

A first-time vendor this year was Spark L’s. They are a husband-wife duo with an office in Gray. Spark L’s had a medicinal salve to try and I was donated a jar. I was hesitant at first because it reminded me of my cannabutter-  something I would not want to put on me 😉 but at the same time, my butter is potent, so what the hell if it works, right?

I gave it a try on my shoulder blade. All this trimming is taking a toll I think. Something like tennis elbow, trimmers shoulder? Maybe I’m just getting old. I do have to say that it helped, and I will be seeing the folks at Spark L’s again.

One booth that was always busy was Kind Acres Farm, a sponsor of this year’s event. Kind Acres Farm is based in Biddeford. Kind Acres produces a variety of top-end cannabis strains as well as freshly pressed rosin on display. Rosin Pressing is a service that Kind Acres offers to their patients.

I walked around a bit and checked out some of the non-cultivating type vendors. ProVerde Labs gave me the run down on cannabis testing. They have several drop-off locations for samples as well as lab based in Portland. They were also giving out free Terpene profile tests! I can’t wait to use mine and get a private strain of mine tested.

I met Huffy Puffy showcasing vape pens for waxes and vape cartridges. They are based out of Portland and are a wholesaler of popular vape pens.

I also spoke with the M.J. Brunin Indoor Air Quilty team. They provide air filtration solutions designed specifically for grow rooms and also have household models. For anyone looking to grow and keep the smell down, these are a must.

I picked up my flyer for Freedom Fest from Maine Vocals. Freedom Fest is Jun 15-17 and is a music festival in Harmony, Maine. I plan to be there for Freedom Fest so come check us out!

A shirt hanging from the Northern Lights booth had me wondering if it was a kids shirt, if so; wtf.

After a few hours I was really wishing they still had the vape tent. Several people I talked with agreed with my #puffinpublic mentality and that was when I learned of the box truck out back.  This was just what I needed.

After a little walk around the parking lot I found the “Renegade Vape Tent”.

This was just a box truck with everything needed to dab and vape, including donations from many of the vendors that did not agree with the states closure of the tent. The truck was operated by Mark Leighton, a recovering opioid addict. I spoke with Mark for a bit along with some Vietnam Veterans who had come from out of state seeking treatment they cannot get in their home states. Stories like our Veteran friends are why Mark said he was willing do this bit of civil disobedience.  Mark told me the truck was rented for him to do just that- let people medicate, even if they were already told no.

I was out in the truck when security came to shut down the Renegade.

Mark was confused at first, stating security was aware of, and supported his efforts.

I watched as security broke up the impromptu med-station and as those same Veterans had to climb down out of the truck, making me really ask “Is this right”?  Should our elders be left with no alternative but to climb in the back of a rented sanctuary, walker-and-all, to medicate in the first place.

I later learned that the truck was shut down as a precaution. The owners of venue were worked up after an employee of the civic center was given a “edible”, and all hell was breaking loose. The sinister edible turned out to be a little CBD. Seems like a bit of an overreaction by someone unfamiliar with the difference between CBD and THC. Maybe they should come down to the ground floor and speak with some of the vendors, they could learn a thing, or two.

With that being said, I did order my lunch from the concession stand, and I remember thinking to myself, “wow, that kids high AF” but he may just look like that all the time.

All in all, another great year at Home Grown of Maine!