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#ThisThingRips. Personal vape pen with a kick- By Smokey Joe. The R2 Series Vaporizer is a wax pen designed for today’s market. Just like their name says, #ThisThingRips.   The R2 is affordably priced, retailing for $49.99 while still offering big hits. It comes with a visual reaction chamber so you know when to put this Bad-Larry down.  As a bonus, each kit includes an extra atomizer, a stainless-steel tool, a silicon storage jar, and two cleaning wipes. I recently bought my R2 as a way to rip dabs without using a blowtorch. Not that…

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Ez Does-It

 EZ Does-it By smokey Joe.   Being an on-the-go kind of smoker, I’m always looking for a more convenient way to toke when I’m out. Rolling a joint can work, but they tend to stink. If you keep your roaches, it can be worse. I do like glass for many reasons, but they can break too easy. I also tend to do a lot of outdoor activities so I like something that is as durable as it is convenient. One thing I don’t like dealing with, is having to carry…

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